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The business world is evolving at lightspeed with new data-driven and AI roles requiring continuous learning and skills adaptation. New hard and soft skills are compelling businesses to support a more flexible and fluid learning culture

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With more than 9,000 Business Skills courses, OpenSesame engages your learners to improve their core skills, develop new skills, and prepare for a changing business landscape.

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With a wide range of courses from the leading content providers, OpenSesame’s SmartPath makes it easy to find, create, and deploy specific content with thousands of courses for every learner. Choose from 22,000+ courses covering every topic, including the highest in-demand learning for your workforce.

Building Leadership Capability

In this course, you will learn 7 strategies to grow your up-and-coming leaders…


Interpersonal Communication

In this course, you’ll learn 7 steps to communicate more effectively…


Productivity & Time Management

Learn the 4 essential pillars to successful time management in this course…


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Why now is the moment for organizations to reassess and reinvest in leadership development to keep pace with changing business priorities.



Leadership Development – Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution


Case Study

KBA North America achieves higher training completion rates and zero accidents


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