Build a Successful and Efficient Healthcare Organization.

High-performing healthcare programs stand above the rest because of well-trained teams. The dynamic, and constantly evolving healthcare market poses stringent and unique compliance regulations. OpenSesame helps your workforce keep pace and stay at the top of their industry.

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Efficiently improve the safety and performance of your workers.

Healthcare staff in all areas require timely training to stay up to date with the latest medical advances, policies, and regulations. We can deploy training for your workforce; even for employees working varying shifts and in diverse roles. Our training is comprehensive and agile — your workforce can utilize in-demand training whenever, wherever, and on the device they are already using.

Healthcare teams and individuals stay up to date and certified.

Improve and grow the performance of your workers whether they work at a desk or on their feet. You work with our team to choose the right mix of courses to train your employees on the most in-demand skills. Your team maintains an exceptional learning edge across the industry.

Build dream teams, invigorate employees, and reduce training-related costs.

Custom planning matches your diverse workforce. Flexibility fits your needs. Our customer service serves your team perfectly.

Let’s get to work.

We’re ready to deploy the exact content for your workforce.

Popular Healthcare Courses

With a wide range of courses from the leading safety and compliance content providers, OpenSesame’s SmartPath makes it easy to find, create and deploy specific content with thousands of courses for every learner. Choose from 22,000+ courses covering every topic, including the highest in-demand healthcare learning for your workforce.

HIPAA Privacy And Security For Healthcare Workers

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Partnering To Heal: Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention Video–Based Simulation

Improve patient outcomes, increase teamwork, & improve quality of care…


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Build a successful and efficient healthcare organization


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