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Upskill and Prepare Your Employees for the Future — Start on Day One.

Building the workforce of tomorrow doesn’t happen overnight. The benefits of a utilized, ongoing training program are invaluable. Retain, reskill, and map business objectives with OpenSesame’s complete elearning curation and deployment.

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Tie talent development to performance and outcomes.

Upskilling and reskilling are top of mind for HR leaders. More core processes are changing or going digital. Map business objectives and competencies to your workforce talent development strategy.

Be assured your compliance requirements are covered.

Ensure you meet compliance requirements with the most continuously updated and engaging training.

Upskill, reskill, maintain safety, and train.

Take your workforce exactly where they need to be. OpenSesame makes it easy to find and deploy content with thousands of courses for every learner.

Let’s get to work.

We’re ready to deploy the exact content for your workforce.

Popular HR Courses

With a wide range of courses from the leading content providers, OpenSesame’s SmartPath makes it easy to find, create, and deploy specific content with thousands of courses for every learner. Choose from 22,000+ courses covering every topic, including the highest in-demand learning for your workforce.

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