Develop, Grow, and Retain a Competitive Service Workforce of Tomorrow.

Maintain an edge over the competition. The highest-performing service organizations set themselves apart through well-trained teams. Quickly ramp up your workforce with the right training to effectively achieve your objectives and take-on challenges.

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Develop, train, and maintain your workforce for a consistent, outstanding customer experience.

Stay up to date, compliant, and improve productivity for every business-critical task, from customer service to counterfeit detection.

Service teams and individuals stay up to date and certified.

Improve the service and performance of your workers whether they work at a desk or on the sales floor. You work with our team to choose the right mix of courses to continuously train your employees on the most in-demand skills.

Build dream teams, invigorate employees, and reduce training-related costs.

Custom planning matches your diverse workforce. Flexibility fits your needs. Our customer service serves your team perfectly.

Let’s get to work.

We’re ready to deploy the exact content for your workforce.

Popular Service Courses

With a wide range of courses from the leading coaching and training content providers, OpenSesame’s SmartPath makes it easy to find, create, and deploy specific content for every learner. Choose from 22,000+ courses covering every topic, including the highest in-demand customer service learning for your workforce.

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Customer Service Success

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